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Ambronite and working out


Does Ambronite work before a gym workout?


Hi Yoco,

Ambronite works well both before and after a workout. One Ambronite has all of the components you would typically want to make the most of your workout:

  • hefty dose of high-quality protein (30g of protein & all amino acids, including BCAA’s to reduce muscle breakdown and support recovery)
  • easily digestible energy
  • electrolytes to stay hydrated and prevent cramping

These are needed to power through a tough workout. Additionally, the real-food ingredients and blood sugar balancing effect doesn’t leave you bloated or tired, like certain supplements or a big lunches do.

We have lots of Ambronite fans who have a meal before or after a workout, and many report it’s pretty much the only meal (apart from maybe protein shakes as an alternative) they can safely have right before working out without feeling bloated or energy sapped with a full stomach from a traditional meal. Edward from our community, a Rovio Angry Birds team Executive Producer uses Ambronite to recharge before his martial arts workouts.

I personally don’t like to have anything heavy before a workout, so I like to have one when I’m leaving the office right before hitting the gym, going for a run or rock climbing.


Hi, just wanted to share my thoughts since Ambronite has been super easy solution for me to maintain my steady eating habits that are especially crucial now, when I’m beginning my regular workouts with personal trainer after Hypothyroidism diagnosis.
Now when I’m still figuring out the right dosage for my medication, it is vital that I have steady cortisol levels and enough energy to get through the day. I’m trying to eat regularly, but it is not always so easy. With Ambronite I can make sure that I have enough energy and calories in my daily diet, but not too much protein, so having 3 meals and 2 snacks per day is now much easier. One package is enough for two snacks or for one meal. So it is not just what you eat before or after the workout, it is what you eat in general that helps you to recover better or have energy for better workouts in general. Do you agree? :wink:



Totally agree with this - I’m a strong proponent of discovering and improving your baseline with the minimal effort, maximal impact methods, tools and hacks in basically any area where you want to improve your life. This can be learning, sleeping, eating or indeed food.

To me, much of the convenience and value in easy-to-eat real foods lies in their ubiquitous usability on the go. Great to hear that one pouch works either as a meal or as two snacks! This is exactly why we also have the 165kcal breakfast and snack size available, too!

We’ve heard good feedback from many people with Hypothyroidism diagnoses who are making healthier lifestyle choices and improving their everyday food and exercise baselines.

Whatever the case and motivation for a change for better energy, getting good healthy energy throughout the day doesn’t have to be hard! :slight_smile: