Blender recommendations?


I really like anything with the “wire whisk” inside. How about you?


Haven’t tried any of those - do you mean like a KitchenAid type? What’s the main benefit of the wire whisk in everyday use, btw? :slight_smile:

I’ve used a variety from the BlendTec to a cheap OBH Nordica. For most applications, the BlendTec is complete overkill, but when it’s time to do eg. raw cooking and almond butter, its power and consistency are pretty amazing. It takes a lot of space and sounds like a spaceship at times, but blends like a beast.


Do you mean something like this? Like a metal wire ball. With Ambronite, it’s not really needed, the powder will mix just in a plain shaker. It might help a bit, but I haven’t heard anybody really using it.


What do you think about the Ninja system? Is it anywhere comparable to something like Blendtec?


Haven’t used the Ninja system myself, but with my experience with a $2000 BlendTec and a $100 system from Germany that I bought as an experiment, I’d say that most people can rock probably 99% of their daily blending with a $100 system.

I’m a strong proponent of buying things for the long run. I’ve used many of my kitchen appliances for 10 years +. Still, it doesn’t make any sense for most people to spend $1000 on a blender.

A Ninja goes for $69 on Amazon and has 4,5 stars at 4000 reviews. If your budget for a blender is around that sum, it sure looks like a great option, and will undoubtedly have no trouble in blending delicious smoothies and peanut butter (at small quantities at a time). It will definitely have no problem blending Ambronite and other morning smoothies :wink:

As long as you’re not looking to crush concrete or prepare ludicrous amounts of nuts with it, or have a special need for a glass unit (more durability, easier maintenance and less taste and leeching risks) I’d definitely look into these more cost effective but well rated blenders.