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Can't order less than 3 bags

I actually want to order 3 bags of Ambronite, original, berries and ginger apple. I’m intolerant to banana so can’t order the triple pack which I presume secretly contains banana in the banana flavouring (even though when I checked it wasn’t listed on the ingredients, just the mysterious ‘natural flavours’ which could include pretty much anything…)

However, I can only order a minimum of 3 bags! There is a big gap between ‘choose quantity’ and ‘30 servings/3 bags’. Are you only filling orders with multiples of 3 bags now? Given the price of Ambronite I have to say that makes me rather unlikely to buy any more if I have to buy like 9 bags at once!

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Hi Mups,

Thanks for the feedback.

The natural flavors we work with are real food extracts.

Good news: