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Citric Acid in the processing

My daughter is allergic to foods being processed with citric acid. Obviously there is no citric acid in the ingredients here, but it is not uncommon for even organic food to have been processed with citric acid during manufacturing.

Do you have info on whether citric acid has been used to process the ingredients in Ambronite?



Apple powder and berry powders such as sea buckthorn contain citric acid.


Hi Johan,

Thanks for your question. I’m happy to confirm that we do not process any ingredients with citric acid and only use real food ingredients, which takes out the guesswork from anyone with food sensitivities.

Countless foods with acidic flavor profiles, including several fruit and berries, contain naturally occurring citric acid. Anyone who is able to enjoy our 100% real food ingredients as they are found in their natural form, can enjoy Ambronite without worrying about additives.

If you can enjoy the following foods, you can enjoy Ambronite as well - this is our entire list of ingredients (that we’re very proud of!):

Oat protein, almond, oats, apple, coconut sugar, oat fiber, nettle leaf, spinach, flaxseed, chlorella, spirulina, cranberry, bilberry, black currant, sea buckthorn, nutritional yeast, mineral salt, guar gum, natural flavours (from real foods).

More info on the ingredients we proudly use, WHY we chose them, and WHAT ROLE they play in the unique hunger-quenching and transforming power of Ambronite Supermeals:

Our research into the ingredients and their documented health and performance effects, including health, focus and getting a lean body, runs deep. I invite you to learn more in our Science Corner blog posts that are an in depth and exciting dive into the science of health, performance and nutrition for those who want to deepen their understanding and learn from the latest high quality meta-analyses and research:


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