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Extremely slow customer support response

I am extremely happy with your product, and extremely disappointed in your customer service.

Things you can do better:

  • Reply to emails in a timely fashion - preferably hours instead of days or weeks
  • Read the email carefully before replying so you can give the correct answer

I am considering using a different product because of this. Please take this as constructive criticism.

Many thanks

Hi Redwolf,

Thank you for your candid feedback. Apologies, clearly something didn’t go as it should have on our side. I will go through this with the team and make sure we can take the necessary steps to improve here.

Again, thanks a lot for reaching out. We will work hard to do better next time.

I couldn’t find your details directly, can you please email me at and I will send you a gift pack as a thank you for this valuable piece of feedback.


Simo Suoheimo