How do you flavor your Ambronite?


Hi fellow superheroes,

Just wondering about your favorite ways to flavor Ambronite.

Personally I like my Ambronite as it is straight from the bag and mixed with water. I do have some favorites though to boost the taste. These two work every time and taste amazing:

  • Throw a bunch of berries (any kind; I like blueberries the best) into a mixer with Ambronite. Just add water and mix.

  • Instead of just water, use 1/2 cloudy apple juice and 1/2 water. Add some cinnamon (not too much). Easy to prepare in a shaker!

Feel free to share your recipes.



Hi JuhoS,

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I think we should put together some “fan favourites recipe” website in near future.

Anyways, blueberries are one of my favourites too. Honey is also a great sweetener.

There is actually an another thread exploring similar ideas where I wrote a longer answer:


My Ambronite flavor favorites favorites include blueberries wild bilerries, lingonberries (delish + highly nutritious, exceptional ORAC and bilberries also a great source of anthocyanins) and occasionally raspberries and strawberries as a bonus.

Added these wild babies to my after-climb Ambronite in the woods a few weeks ago. Crush & quick shake, done!

Lately I’ve experimented a lot with cold pressed 100% juices. These can be added in small drips, as they pack a real punch, and are full of condensed flavor and very low in sugar. Any red berries, like redcurrants, work great.

After a workout / run Blackcurrant juice gives a great freshness and taste, and I don’t mind the few added calories after working out either.

Lunchtime Beet juice / Ginger gives a satisfying flavor for a mid-day Ambronite.

With juices, I just use the shaker.

For berry and fruit blends, I’ve used several blenders. The BlendTec is the gold standard, but definitely not required and even quite overkill THB. The result is virtually the same with a cheap blender with +20 secs of blend time, as there’s no need to really crush the ingredients.

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