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How long can I store Ambronite?


I would like to learn more about how long I can hold on to my precious Ambro before consumption? I understand that the quality of the fat may be reduced over time, but other than this it is perfectly edible? Could you give us your official and unofficial versions on the forums?


Hi Lari,

Great question, this is something we’ve been researching too! We have done 3rd party testing on pouches after their best before date, and Ambronite may be edible some time after this, but some micronutrients like vitamin C will take a hit.

The best before date is there to make sure the taste and nutrients are in great shape.

I’ve personally had dozens of meals after their best before date, and while the taste has gained some more almond bitterness, they’ve been OK and have worked well.

The method of storage has an impact - cool and away from light helps. Heat makes the foods and fats within degrade faster, so no sunlight or leaving in the car. I’ve left some Ambronites in a hot car, and didn’t notice a difference afterwards, but heat + time is detrimental to ingredient freshness and probably taste, too.

Microbiologically and hunger-satisfying-power -wise, your Ambronite may be fine still after the best before on the pouch, pending on how it’s been stored. Not optimal/recommended, as the taste and nutrients may take a hit, but I’ve personally enjoyed these without issue. The taste may gain bitterness, but eg. a apple or cranberry juice or avocado blend hides this pretty much completely. Your own taste buds are the best judge here.


Regarding cool temperature. Is there any benefit (or downside) of keeping the packs in fridge?
My normal instinct would say that this kind of dry stuff is kept in room temperature, but if the heat is one cause of faster degrading of fats, would fridge slow that down? Or would there be any significant difference expected?

Hi Gnomet,

Great question! While we haven’t tested this and don’t know if this could result in a significant difference, it’s a common practice for many connoisseurs to freeze eg. nuts to preserve them for longer. In theory, this may slow down the saturation of the fatty acids.

More experiments needed :wink: I wonder if anyone else has tried this with nuts / seeds / Ambronite?