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New packaging feedback


The new packaging is terrible. It doesn’t reseal and makes a mess. What was once a convenient single serving package is now a hassle and I’m questioning my subscription.


Hi Nzaky,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We’re received feedback on this issue and are looking into it with our contract manufacturer, if there’s a way to replace the ziplock with different model


Hi Nzaky,

Thanks a lot for the note - I fully agree. We have indeed noticed this and are investigating new sealing ways (eg a velcro style reseal strip) that would work in any situation.

Making Ambronite easy to transport and carry around on adventures is super important for me and thousands of fans, so this is a clear fix that is needed!

We will solve this for you.

Have a great day!



I experienced the same with the 10-servings-bag


I’ve noticed that what happens to me is that the powder gets shaken around while in transit and it gets into the tiny grooves in the ziplock strip, which stops the ziplock thing (it’s not got a zip so what is it called?) from sealing properly. I get a kitchen knife and carefully scrape out the powder when I open it so that it seals properly.

What might help is if you press closed the ziplock of every bag before shipping, this should be enough to stop the powder getting in the grooves.