Scientifically shown benefits of Meditation and mindfulness, and why top execs and NBA athletes do it


Stress, mental health, cognitive well being and finding peace and meaning in everyday life seem to be trending topics in mainstream media lately. In the same time, practices like meditation, transcendental meditation or TM, and mindfulness practices are gaining more and more scientific evidence and popularity among top performers, athletes, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and execs, opinion leaders like Tim Ferriss and elite athletes like NBA stars.

Benefits range from more fulfilment, focus, and brain power to less stress, more happiness and a better social life. You can check out a great, PhD-prepared list of benefits by PhD Emma M. Seppälä with references here:

We’re all human and go through a surprisingly similar spectrum of hardships through our lives.

In my own life, meditation and mindfulness have become powerful tools to find more focus, gratitude, happiness and appreciation in everyday life.

Meditation is a bit like taking your mind to the gym and emerging out of the shower with clarity and joy, just like after some killer lifting. But this time, it’s your mind that did all the work, and gets rejuvenated.

If you are thinking about trying meditation or picking up the practice again, or especially if you feel this is some esoteric and weird world with a tie-dyed hippie twist, you’ll be glad to hear that numerous studies have proven the benefits of meditation, that top people in business and creative industries and sports are using it, that the results are quantifiable, and that you can probably get the same benefits, too.

Check out this blog post written by meditation coach and expert Emma Sandström on how she found meditation as a tool in her own busy life.