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Spoon with right dosage

I have bought Ambrointe twice: the first time I tried the free samples with the shaker, the second time I bought the big pack. The sample pack came in small bags so it was easy to understand the portions, the big pack is just a bag. I think you should sell or bundle a spoon with the correct dosage for a meal.

Thanks for the good product and I hope my feedback will help.

Hi Scanti! We provide a scoop with all large bag orders. There should be a scoop included. If not, and apparently this is the case, there’s been a problem here. I couldn’t find your order info but can you please send a mail to and we’ll happily send you one!

Thanks for helping us correct our mistake.



Thanks with my second order of Ambronite the scoop was there!

I ordered a large order as my first purchase and no scoop was included in the bag or shipping box. Quizzical how not including scoops can happen.