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Superhero Podcast #1 Ambronite Superhero Podcast Episode 1: Will Gene Testing and Editing Make Us Superhuman with Ambronite advisor, M.D., Christian Mueller

This is the first episode of Superhero Podcast. With nutrigenomics expert and our team’s scientific advisor M.D., PhD Christian Mueller sharing the mic and talk over some coffee, I wanted to dive straight into the interesting direction - the future. What will happen to humans and our species when we learn to read, write and edit our own genetic makeup with tech like Crispr CAS-9.

What will happen with the gene hacking methods that some people are already using to unlock the gates of longevity and even immortality?

The intro says it the best:

“The future of human evolution has always fascinated me. With gene editing, we are for the first time taking evolution into our own hands and possibly taking humans into a new age in our species’ history. On the other hand, gene testing and editing has become available to biohackers and laymen alike, unlocking the secrets of our genetic makeup and allowing us to upgrade our health, performance and life.”

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