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However, there’s a loophole in the Greece Phone Number List law that allows third parties to get this information through backdoor methods and publish it in directories that offer reverse lookup for cell phone numbers. The law does not stop a third party from acquiring this information - the law was only specific as to how wireless service providers Greece Phone Number List would build such a directory. There are now several online non-wireless carrier companies that offer a reverse Greece Phone Number List lookup for cell phone numbers and they obtained this information through a number of methods.

Buying marketing lists that Greece Phone Number List include consumer wireless phone information Building social opt-in sites that allow consumer to enter their cell phone numbers for publication and social networking Scouring public records information for wireless phone Greece Phone Number List owner name and address According to the CTIA, The Wireless Association, as of June 2009, there were over 276 million wireless subscribers and 20% of those subscribers had no land line phone. That’s a 42% increase in subscribers since 2005 and 162% increase in the number of subscribers Greece Phone Number List who are going solo and giving up on having both a cell phone and a land line phone.

As the number of people using a Greece Phone Number List cell phone number as their single point of contact continues to grow, more and more of this information will be readily available to these 3rd parties. The top reverse lookup Greece Phone Number List directories for cell phone numbers already claim to have information on nearly every wireless subscriber in the United States. It costs a lot of money for these directories to gather this information. Buying lists, data Greece Phone Number List mining billions of public records, and building websites is not cheap so they recoup their expenses by charging consumers a fee for a reverse lookup for cell phone numbers.