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Tried the low cal meal samples

Hi there,

I’m currently a Huel user. I thought i’d give your samples after seeing a Facebook ad. I really like the product. It tastes as good as can be expected given it has spirulina in it :slight_smile:

The list of ingredients looks very good (apart from maybe argave high up on the list, is there quite a lot of fructose? I’m guessing to make it taste ok) and the fact the vitamins and minerals are not added but come from the food is a positive thing in my opinion. I’d be interested in purchasing the 500 cal product as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, but the price is a slight barrier to entry. The Huel i think cost around £1.50 a meal at 450 cal (yes the ingredients are not so fancy and vitamins and minerals are topped up to give recommended intake plus more It’s still a good product though). But it’s a big jump to buy this product. I hope as it becomes more popular the price can come down a tad. As for now it will limit the amount i can justify buying at around £7 a meal.

Overall nice product though, like the all natural ethos :smiley:

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Hi Lewis,

Thanks for the feedback! I can totally relate to those points. There is a quantifiable and well documented fundamental difference in synthetic supplements vs exceptionally nutritious real foods, one that we’ve also discussed here.

The amount and breakdown of sugars and fructose in Ambronite is quite small, roughly the equivalent of a small apple for the full 500kcal meal that quenches hunger for 5 hours. A breakfast and light meal sized Ambronite has a third of this. To put this into perspective, even among the most hard-core sugar avoiding crowd, this is a very small amount that will accommodate a variety of goals. Obviously, hardcore carb cutters will want to avoid sugar and other carbs entirely, but this only desirable or even optimal to a very small fraction of people. Even for those aiming for full ketosis, in this Ben Greenfield Podcast episode we talk about how you could enjoy 1-2 Ambronite meals and still stay in ketosis:

As you can see from comparing the Ambronite Supermeal and Huel label, the key difference is this: Our ingredients are real food, and cover all nutritional bases, also for compounds that our bodies need, but that are not found, documented or understood by medical or nutritional science - we know real food has them, like the phytonutrients, enzymes and hormetic compounds that are vital to human thriving, but those aren’t available in supplement form.

Ambronite is the only product out there created to maximize human potential, health and happiness with a superior meal, and not just surviving on a mix of cheap ingredients while saving money and paying the price in your health.

Real food costs real money, but the difference is significant: for that money, you get the purest, most nutrient dense real foods, like wild berries, that deliver quantifiable positive health impacts that supplement’s don’t.

There is a price difference, but we’re committed to creating the best effect and experience, which our customers can feel everyday, like the 11-time Ironman Ben Greenfield, the creative pros, adventurers and Medical Doctors and others who put their health and performance first, and aren’t looking to pay the price in their health while saving a few dollars off their lunches.

Real foods, like the ones Ambronite consists 100% of, are currently the only source if you want to get everything your body and mind need to thrive, also the nutrients not available in supplement form.

Here’s our scientific advisor, M.D., geneticist Christian Mueller’s take on synthetic vs real foods, health, and their completeness.

We’re releasing new things that address your points soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Just had my first delivery of 10 meals. I’m impressed with the packaging.


. I think what you pay what you get. The Huel is one of high quality products…therefore, the price is also high. However, many people still prefer to use Huel.

Yes, nice packaging you got. I wish my first shipment looked as nice. Mine came in a brown cardboard box, no shaker, no scoop(s). During checkout I wasn’t presented the option to add on a shaker and as I new user I half way expected there would be one in my first shipment. No such luck.

Hi James, thanks for the note. Sorry to hear that. I couldn’t find your order directly, can you please send a message to so we can assist. Again, apologies for the experience, and thank you for your patience in letting us fix this.



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To be clear, a free scoop and a shaker option should always be included. Please mail us at and we will make sure you get these.



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