Vitamin questions



I have a few questions regarding the vitamins in Ambronite:

Is the type of vitamin D in the formula D2 or D3?

Which of the ingredients supply the vitamin B12 and how can I be sure ambronite contains enough B12 that is actually absorbed by the body?

Where does the vitamin A come from? Is the vit A in Ambronite beta carotene? how do I know there’s sufficient to be converted to active vitamin A?




Thanks for asking.

Vitamin D in the Supermeal formula is form D2.

Main source for Vitamin B12 is nutritional yeast. We have analysed the amount of Vitamin B12 in lab from the final product.

Vitamin A comes from green vegetables spinach, nettle and spirulina. You are right, it is mainly Beta-Carotene. We have analysed the amount of Vitamin A. The retinol activity equivalents (RAE) being used to account for the different bioactivities of provitamin A carotenoids.