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Why does Ambronite contain oats?

I’ve been wondering if oats is nutritionally valuable ingredient. I’ve read it’s good for the heart and contains a lot of energy but is there something else to it?

Hi Akabane,

Oats are a key source of hunger quenching carbs in Ambronite. Since we got started we’ve researched and worked with several carb sources. Some worked better than others, as you can imagine. We also experimented with other sources, like amaranth and quinoa, but delicious and nutritious high quality oats are hard to beat.

We chose oats for the following benefits:

  • Tasty, clean and smooth
  • Thoroughly researched health benefits
  • Great source of low-GI carbs
  • Long satiety effect with beta-glucans that have been proven to balance blood sugar (eg.
  • essential omegas, minerals like manganese and B-group vitamins
  • Grown in exceptionally clean conditions and under full traceability in Finland, higher nutrient density and purity compared to other sources