Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies


Vox’s article by Julia Belluz and Javier Zarracina on April 28, 2016 on how food, not exercise, is the major factor in weight loss.

Much of this comes down to nailing down the method of

  1. understanding your baseline
  • This is the current state of things
  • your weight, body fat, visceral fat
  • physical condition
  • current sleep, food, exercise and work habits
  • allergies and oversensitivities
  • bloodwork, SNP through home-level genomic testing like 23andme + promethease, gut microbiome status with a provider like uBiome or WellBiome (any big diet issues will invariably show here)
  • basal metabolic burn rate (aka how much calories your body is burning without any physical exercise)
  • everyday habits: commute, working position, exposure to harmful stressors eg. at hazardous work, like pollutants, contaminants or other nasties
  1. Looking at the above, which changes cause the most gains, with the least amount of effort?
  • For the typical US and European overweight, obese and pre-diabetic demographic this invariably comes down to diet.

  • Out of everything else, taking control and gradually improving what we fuel our bodies with yields the best, most immediate, most reliable results. Studies have shown over and over again that food is the cornerstone of our health, happiness and productivity.

  • Making good choices actionable is not always simple or easy. Ambronite started from this realization: we can help ourselves and everyone around us feel better, when a fast, delicious, healthy and performance enhancing choice becomes the DEFAULT. This is so important, because for most people, a strict “0 or 1” approach and full abstinence does not work.

With a good baseline, that fast and healthy real foods help achieve, choosing anything else goes into

A) This is delicious meal I’m having for lunch is made of real foods. It is consistent with my high default standards for food. Delicious and healthy, hooray!

B) I want to eat this deep fried mars bar glazed in sugar and topped with ten artificial flavorings, because it’s good (you can and you should, because you have elevated your baseline so high, that eating not-so-healthy things doesn’t break your baseline). Delicious and satisfying, and since I’m not having these for lunch every day, also well earned - hooray!

What do you think about the article? What are your go to foods in busy situations?


Does Ambronite help to increase my stamina ?


The big thing with increasing stamina is taking care of your blood glucose levels. You don’t want to feel exhausted, or go overboard. Beta-glucans in great ingredients like oats have been shown to stabilize blood sugar, to be a great source of long-term energy during the day especially combined with a good protein source like eggs, nuts, seeds or legumes, and healthy fats from eg. almonds, flax seeds or olive oil, and to have several beneficial effects on cardiac health.

Other big things are hydration, exercise, and getting sufficient sleep. Incorporating small, good habits, intra-day exercise like walking or cycling, a reasonably stable sleep rhythm and making sure you don’t have too much sugar and snacks and other sweet foods that are high in fast carbs and otherwise devoid of nutrients is a great point to start.