Will cooking Ambronite change its nutritional value?


I bumped into an Ambronite pancake recipe. But will cooking change Ambronite’s nutritional value? If so, how?



Ambronite cooked eg. into a pancake will be delicious and hunger-quenching, and I like it a lot myself! On the nutritional side, the effects are complex, but the carbs and protein will remain available to the body, but many micronutrients will take a hit. Vitamins, esp. vitamin C, are prone to degradation in high temperatures. Most minerals will maintain their nutritional value.


what is the disadvantage of Ambronite for human body ?


It’s real food, so the advantages are the same. We’ve created Ambronite with the help of MD’s and specialists + rigorous 3rd party tests and years of product development to cover all nutritional bases with real food. So unless you have oversensitivities, there are no real disadvantages - it’s literally what it says on the package.

Otherwise, I guess the main “disadvantage” of fast drinkable meals is the fact that eating doesn’t take a long time. But this is a choice, and you can, of course, go for a cuppa to get the social benefit, too :slight_smile:


Thanks for informative explanation. This will help me to have good view about Ambronite