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Your favorite Ambronite DIY recipes?

Hi there. I am a huge fan of Ambronite and was wondering how other people are using it in different recipes? For example, I have tasted raw cake with Ambronite, which was mind-blowing! Would love to hear your best DIY recipes!!

Hi Pernilla,

Glad you like Ambronite :slight_smile: I’d say roughly half our our users simply mix Ambronite with water, and the rest half occassionally mixes Ambronite in a blender with their favourite berries and fruits. You can find inspiration from people posting on Instagram with #ambronite hashtag. I picked some images posted by my co-founder Arno:

Ambronite with blueberries

Ambronite Supermeal + blueberries + home made cherry jam + mango-passion juice + vanilla + agave syrup

Here’s a banana + mango recipe:
Mango + banana + hint of coconut milk

And a raw cacao + avocado
Raw cacao + avocado + hint of coconut sugar

It’s pretty easy to just mix with trial and error. My favourite is honey, if I’d like to occassionally add some sweetness. Blueberries work great as well. Hope these sparked some inspiration!

Then there is small group of people who go totally bananas and creative with their ideas, which is great!

Ambronite banana pan-cakes by Lotta Viitaniemi:
2 (organic) eggs, 1 ripe banana, 3 tbsp Ambronite, dash of cinnamon & bourbon vanilla (optional). Blend together and cook like normal pancakes.

Another pancake recipe from @bioschoonheid
“Put 1/4 of Ambronite together with 2 egs, 4 diner spoons of buckwheat and a half cup of water in a blender. Bake it with coconutoil and tadaaa”